Tips for Paying Off Your Loan Faster

Pay More than the Minimum Payment

Nobody wants to spend years paying off loans, whether car loans, student loans, home loans, or any other kind of loan. Most bookkeepers will tell you that one of the easiest ways to pay off your loans faster is to pay more than the minimum payment each month. You can not only pay off the loan faster, but you can save yourself money on interest rates that begin to really add up. For example, by paying an extra $10 on a 30 year $200,000 loan, you can save yourself more than $28,000.

Don’t Be Fooled By a Decrease in Interest Rates

Often times, interest rates are going to fluctuate, and go up and down. When they go down, you may feel tempted to begin to pay less, since you are not going to have to pay as much in interest rates. However, as any bookkeepers Melbourne will tell you, you should not be fooled by the decrease. If anything, you should take advantage of the lower interest and pay off more of your loan, so that you can get to the point where you do not have to worry about any of the loan interest rates.

Double Payments

One of the best ways to reduce your overall loan payments is to make double payments. This can be either paying twice as much on the day that your payment is due, or by paying two times a month. You can pay every beginning of the month and the middle of the month, making two minimum payments each month. This will help you pay your loan back in half of the time, giving you more freedom. By working harder now, and getting the payments out of the way, you can achieve debt free status faster. Bookkeepers can help you plan your financial situation.

Don’t Squander Windfalls

Whenever you get any extra amount of money, you should always use it to pay off the loans that you have. While it may be easier, and more fun to simply spend that money on something fun, spending your money on things you did not need is what got you into debt in the first place. You should always put whatever large sums of extra money into your debts and loans. It may not seem exciting, but the sooner that you get rid of these debts, the sooner that you can go back to having fun with your money. In order to help you plan the ways that you will spend the windfall of money, visit

Get Ahead of the Game

Another helpful tip to paying off your loan is “get ahead of the game”, as it is called. This requires you to make the first loan payment the day that you get your loan settled. This means that as soon as you have the loan money, and have paid whatever you are using the loan for, you should pay the first payment right away.

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